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The ‘Get a Quran’ Project Has Taken Off in Australia

Translator: Fatıma Nur Dinçer

In this news article, we will talk about a project which will hopefully inspire us to introduce the Qur’an to others. The name of this project is “Get a Quran”.  

We live in an age where Islam and the Western world have never seen similarities as they do today. As well as bringing along unity, these similarities also bring invisible conflict.  Under the influence of Western culture, many of us are getting spiritually weaker day by day, as we are moving away from our original identity. We overlook the fact that improvement in our living standards is meaningful and valuable if it elevates us spiritually.  

We are in a period where we need our religion, Islam, and the Qur’an, which is undoubtedly its source, more than ever, these will help us see the emptiness created in our body by rampant material progress and give humanity the breath of life it needs. At the same time, we live in a time where the Qur’an is attacked and accused of inciting violence as well as hatred. Therefore, we must primarily understand the true teachings of the Qur’an ourselves and then take the step to introduce them to the entire world. 

At a time where misinformation and hostility towards Islam are on the rise in Australia, a team called IREA has collaborated with other Islamic volunteers to launch the biggest book campaign of the year, entitled ‘The Qur’an – The Book That Shook the World’. This day was named National Quran Day. 

A Pathway of Dawah (preaching) Which is Inspired by Hadiths

The National Day of the Qur’an, or Day of Dawah, is held twice a year in more than 20 different locations in Australia, to distribute the Qur’an and raise awareness to as many people as possible, in both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. The group who introduces themself with the hadith; “Narrate a verse from me, even if it is only one.” (Bukhari) mentioned the following;

We are a non-profit organization that provides free English translations of the Quran (including detailed explanations) to non-Muslims across Australia. We aim to, Insha’Allah, have distributed 100,000 Qurans in the next few years.

Some of us might liken this campaign to the missionary effort to spread the Bible. But don’t we need to do something for the consciousness of the Qur’an, which embraces life with all its moral and physical, individual, and social manifestations? 

From getaquran ( you can find some colorful images captured from the National Quran Day in Australia. Here you can also benefit from articles explaining that the Qur’an is evidence for many scientific issues. You can also use this link to make any donations or support the cause.

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